Friday, June 16, 2017

Quick Vegetable Parathas

Make these quick parathas for breakfast/ bruch/ lunch/ dinner. It's a great healthy option when you do not have much time or energy to prepare a regular Indian meal. All you need to have is some roti dough in your refrigerator!

Other ingredients:
1. Spinach/ carrots/ cabbage/ baby dill/ cilantro - You can use one or more of these. Wash and chop/ grate them.

2. Dry chutney of sesame/ flaxseed/ peanuts - Again use one or more. If chutney is not available, just use salt, chopped green chili/ red chili powder.

3. Cumin powder, black pepper, some lemon juice, grated cheese, crumbled paneer (Optional, but you can use one or more to enhance the taste).

4. Oil/ ghee/ butter

1. Use ingredients from 1,2,3 and mix in a bowl. Do not over-mix, or it will leave too much water.

2. Take a ball of the roti dough and roll it of the size of a puri. Apply some ghee. Put the mixture in it and bring all the sides together. Rill it with slight pressure. Be careful to not let the stuffing come out.

You can also roll a regular roti, apply the mixture on it and cover it with another roti.

Just make sure that it doesn't stick to the surface. Add more flour while rolling it.

3. On a heated tawa, roast the paratha with ghee/ oil/ butter.

4. Serve hot with yogurt, pickle, ketchup.

If you are comfortable with making rotis, these parathas are really a great option for you to make an easy meal for the while family. It's very easy to modify the ingredients to suit different age groups. For kids, I add more cheese/ paneer and less spices, for adults I add more chutneys, chili. It's a great way to consume more veggies and especially veggies like cabbage and dill that kids usually do not enjoy.

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