Friday, June 2, 2017

Tomato Puri

When life gives you tomatoes, make tomato puris. That's what I did when we got so many tomatoes from our backyard last year. They turned out so nice that I am eagerly waiting for the tomatoes to grow this year.

I decided to make the purée of these tomatoes and freeze it. I followed the process similar to what's described here. I divided it into several small containers, labeled them with the date and stored in the freezer. It's very useful while making soup or gravies.    

While making the purée, I thought of using some of it to make the purees. So I took a cup of it. Added flours to it (wheat, jowar, besan and bhajani). Added salt, a tsp of garlic paste, red chili powder, chopped cilantro, sesame seeds, coarsely ground coriander seeds and cumin. Added some oil to make the dough as how we make for regular puris. In a wok, heated the oil and fried the puris. The tangy flavor of tomatoes along with the coarse coriander seeds make them delicious! 

Serve them hot with ketchup, chutney, pickle, yogurt or consume them while sipping hot ginger tea on a rainy evening!

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